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Dr. Pleshchuk is prepared to invest herself, her time and energy toward applying herself. She hopes that she will be allowed to take those next steps toward that goal with you.

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Dr. Pleshchuk obtained her Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Forensic Psychology with a Clinical Licensure Track from Alliant International University.

Her dissertation was on Victim Impact Statements in cases of Domestic Violence. Dr. Pleshchuk obtained pre-doctoral clinical training from a Batterer’s Intervention Program through the Psychological Services Center in Fresno, California; Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, California; and at a Level 11 Sex Offender Group Home in Fresno, California. Dr. Pleshchuk completed an APPIC approved, pre-doctoral internship at South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center in Florida City, Florida. Dr. Pleshchuk has held the following positions within the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: Clinical Psychologist with the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison Corcoran in Corcoran, California and as a Senior Psychologist Supervisor at California State Prison, Sacramento and at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, Ca. Dr. Pleshchuk completes Court Appointed evaluations for Sacramento County, Amador County and San Joaquin County. Dr. Pleshchuk has worked as an Adjunct Professor for Argosy University teaching classes for a Master’s Level Forensic Psychology program. Currently, Dr. Pleshchuk works in the Emergency Department with Kaiser Permanente evaluating patients to determine whether or not the meet criteria for psychiatric hospitalization. Lastly, Dr. Pleshchuk is a licensed psychologist in the state of California and New Hampshire

Dr. Pleshchuk worked within the Psychiatric Services Unit (the prison, within the prison), a unit which houses the most violent and mentally ill offenders in the state, conducting threat assessments and crisis intervention management for those with severe and debilitating mental health disorders. The structure and guidance Dr. Pleshchuk provided has had a direct impact on reducing assaults, improving rehabilitation services, and keeping staff members safe. Dr. Pleshchuk played an essential role in maintaining collaboration amongst various disciplines. Dr. Pleshchuk exhibited a clear strength at building rapport with inmates, working very confidently with inmates, most of whom were mentally unstable and have an extensive history of violence. Dr. Pleshchuk exhibited a compassionate, client-centered approach while at the same time providing clear and consistent limit-setting with what is known to be a difficult population.

At these forensic settings, Dr. Pleshchuk has grown to appreciate and value the unique challenges of the forensic population. Many of these individuals she has worked with have suffered from major mental illnesses and she has the ability to manage their varying temperaments making her an asset in the field.


Dr. Pleshchuk ‘s highest life’s goal is to be one of the fortunate individuals to try to unlock the mechanics and secrets of the mind; the most intricate, complicated, and challenging entity to study. Her goals for her professional career include rendering her experience and services to those that need trained assistance while becoming high caliber in working with clients/patients. With this objective, Dr. Pleshchuk plans to implement all of the knowledge she has gained toward her chosen career. She aspires to optimally understand, interpret, and apply cutting edge theory in clinical psychology into practice.


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